Welcome to the FLOW  International Merch Store.  

This store is a collabation between MasterPiece International and Lex Pyerse Clothing to enhance the experience of the F.L.O.W. International trip to BRAZIL. At Lex Pyerse, our motto is "Our Culture, Your Uniqueness."  We uphold this motto by celebrating Blackness and individuality with powerful word clusters and Pan African color schemes. A message that is shared with MasterPiece Entertainment and F.L.O.W. International.

What is F.L.O.W International – BRAZIL 2024? Adventure awaits! We are excited to be traveling to the illustrious country of Brazil in the Spring of 2024! Join us for an incredible experience in the historic streets of Rio de Janeiro. This 5 days and 4 night trip will fulfill your bucket list dreams. We have carefully curated and packaged a wonderful stay for both travelers and artists.  

This store was created to promote Lex Pyerse's message with Masterpiece Entertainment's purpose of this trip. If you signed up for the trip, you'll receive a discount code for 10% this F.L.O.W. merch store as well as all merchandise on the Lex Pyerse Clothing website.

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