About Lex Pyerse

Lex Pyerse Clothing: Expressing Your Individual Blackness

In August 2019, it started with one word: BLACK.

BLACK Lex Pyerse Clothing

But Black can mean so many things with the myriad of skin tones, cultural demeanor, geographical locations, and linguistic backgrounds we possess. Our diversity is our strength and is one of our best qualities. We are compelling, adventurous, bold, grateful, and loyal - these are the very words we used to create the first t-shirt for Lex Pyerse Clothing. 

We want the world to see Blacks for who we are individually, as well as collectively. Created by Pyerse Lex Dandridge, Lex Pyerse Clothing is an apparel company that focuses on Pan-African colored and inspirational word clusters, as well as African and Carribean national flags and their dates of independence for men, women, and children of all ages. Initially, it was a path for our founder to create a stable income due to health challenges, but we found that it’s a great way to embody who we are. Despite our setbacks, we are resilient, creative entrepreneurs. 

Our apparel has stylish, easy to read, thought-provoking, and eye-catching words that everyone can understand. It’s filled with the words, images, and colors of how we see our self and the Black people that we admire. We use our desire to express Blackness and individuality to empower my people. This is something that we have always wanted to do and now we are providing a way for others to not only express their Blackness, but find it in a world that wants to bury the Black voice. 

BLACK Women's Shirt

Lex Pyerse Clothing uncovers the stifled Black voice, empowers younger generations, and remembers the Motherland. Our clothing is for those who want to advocate and spread the message of diverse and individual Blackness. It’s also a positive method to keep Black dollars in Black pockets. By purchasing our apparel, you help to keep money circulating in the Black community, increasing Black wealth altogether (something that Blacks have been historically prevented from doing). 

At Lex Pyerse Clothing: We admire our people. We love our people. We empower our people. Now you can too!