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I'm discussing Lex Pyerse's "BLACK" Word Cluster Pan-African UniSex Short Sleeve Shirt.  Do you love your blackness? Of course, you do. We love it too. This shirt will express your blackness and showcases your uniqueness. The word "BLACK" is created the word gratitude, loyal, resilient, adventurous, and compelling--just like our leaders, ancestors, our community, and yourself. This shirt is simple elegance and bold in its presentation which creates an immediate positive vibe.

Merch in the video: BLACK Snapback hat

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Music by: Patrick Patrikios

Music by: Anno Domini Beats

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Lex Pyerse has the best collection of tees, hats, and hoodies inspired by Nigeria, Mozambique, Ghana and other countries from the African diaspora. You can show your national pride while celebrating Pro-Black, Pan-African, and Black Pride and your personal uniqueness.  Each affirmation is inspired by the meanings of the colors of each nation's flag. Also, search Lex Pyerse for more clothing.