Worthy to Be Called Queen

Worthy to Be Called Queen

I’ve always felt that Black women had it harder than the rest of the world. When America was liberated, Black men and women were still slaves and considered less than human. When we gained Black freedom, it seemed only Black men were important. Even when women won the right to vote, work, and be heard, Black women were still less important than White women. If the world sees men before women, and White before Black, then it seems that Black women are indeed the underdogs. Despite this, it’s the world that’s missing out on something great. I believe that only a real Black man could ever understand how truly awesome Black women are. 

Black women are so much more than what they seem. Many perceive them to be angry, overbearing, hostile, overly defensive, and much worse. The world never cared what they did to them that caused generations upon generations of temperament adjustments and psychological toughness. A Black woman’s strength lies in the fact that the world stripped her of her dignity once and she decided that she would never allow that to happen again. She refused to be weak or show any sign of defeat even though the odds were always against her. Yet, during her fight to be seen and heard just as equally as everyone else, she found time to be nurturing to anyone around her. 

Black owned womeb clothingYes, nurturing! Even to her oppressors. She builds other people’s empires while sometimes struggling to build her own. She will smile through her pain and listen to your insignificant grumbles. She’s classy even when she’s broken, or poor, or down to the wire. She can stretch a dollar so far, it will make your head spin. She can multitask without missing a beat which means she’s always vigilant even though you think she’s unaware. If she so chooses, she doesn’t only show sympathy, but because the world treats her like she’s at the bottom of the totem pole, she’s also empathetic to hurting people. Most importantly, because she knows that tomorrow isn’t promised, she’s grateful. 

She’s so worthy to be called Queen! That’s why this word-clustered t-shirt is the perfect gift for any Black woman. It has the best description of her; classy, empathetic, nurturing, grateful, worthy and vigilant. It proudly proclaims her true personality, standards, and importance to the world. They can no longer put her down, they must recognize her crown. This Lex Pyerse Clothing t-shirt was designed with every Black woman in mind because if we don’t honor our Black women, where will the world be?

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