Taking Back #BlackTwitter

Taking Back #BlackTwitter

Anytime the Black Community creates, innovates, or owns something that the general public likes, the American mainstream media and other cultures seek out a way to destroy us, but in the words of the great poet, Maya Angelou, still we rise. One point in case is the recent attack on the twitter hashtag #blacktwitter. This specific twitter population has been used in the Black Community as a way to represent Black culture, public interests, and used as a way to cry out for justice. It’s a method used to quickly find relevant information and entertainment pertaining to the Black culture. It’s been used to pressure the American media, celebrities, and networks to change their commercials, awards hosts, and so much more. #Blacktwitter is a force like none other. 

I find it extremely interesting and confusing that a social media hashtag that has the power to uncover black voices and cause them to be taken seriously would seemingly wilt when under attack. It seems unlikely that we would just ignore other cultures using the hashtag #blacktwitter to showcase their “entries” of black colored outfits, favorite Indian celebrities, and racist comments and videos. Most of them tweet pictures saying they’re only doing so because it’s trending. Isn’t that what everyone does to the Black culture? When Blacks create something that is trendy, everyone wants a piece of the pie. 

We can’t sit by and allow them to walk all over us. This is just as unjust and unfair as any other issue #blacktwitter has challenged, but why are we silent? Change only occurs when we speak out. I’ve seen posts that politely ask those sharing pics of Indian celebrities and their favorite colors to “please stop” or try to understand what #blacktwitter is all about. 

Now is the time to flood the timeline with pictures of our Blackness. Let’s show them what it really means to be Black since we all of a sudden have their attention. There’s no better way to bring attention to the matter than to flood their timelines with pictures of Black kings and queens representing their Black culture.  It’s as simple as throwing on a t-shirt with a message. That’s why I love this Black word cluster hoodie. It’s colors are indicative of the Pan-African movement and the clusters are words that represent Black culture. Posting pictures of apparel that scream ‘I’m proud to be black!’ are important. It shows the world that despite what they’ve heard and/or seen, Blacks can come together in solidarity. We can truly be unified no matter the situation. 

For years, many have tried to infiltrate and bring down #blacktwitter. We are resilient, but we still have to fight back. I urge you to post pictures wearing clothing that represents our Blackness. I urge you to post your melanated photos and show the world just how we do. #Blacktwitter do your thing. 

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