Successful Black Men: We’re Waiting on Your Next Move

Successful Black Men: We’re Waiting on Your Next Move

Black men have the wisdom and finesse to keep cool in chaotic situations. They have the emotional intelligence to lay low while they accomplish important tasks and goals. They even struggle silently, but that’s another topic for another day. Black men know that you can’t let too many people know what you’re doing because you never know who’s your Judas. They have perfected this skill for years. They go from being unseen and unheard, to seemingly successful overnight. Sometimes even close relatives don’t know what’s happening with their Black men. They’re hard workers, but once they’re successful, they don’t just stop there, they pass along the tools they’ve used to their children. 

I love the organization called 100 Black Men of America because they teach, inspire, and provide a positive network to young Black children. They are eliminating the revolving door that makes our children feel like they can’t reach their potential. 100 Black Men of America are an alliance of strong, bold, and accomplished Black men that use their skills to develop young children into people that will positively impact the world. The organization is made up of successful Black corporate executives, entrepreneurs, educators, attorneys, and many more professions. 

Success doesn’t come easy, it’s not for the faint of heart. Everyone should know that in order to come close to the type of success these Black men have achieved, you have to be adventurous and take risks. Whatever you decide to do, the appearance of your determination has to be compelling, not only to others, but to yourself. Once you begin your journey to success, you can only stay on the path if you’re bold and grateful. The hardest part of all of this is to know who to be loyal to, but once you find out, stick and stay. Better yet, get the Lex Pyerse Clothing t-shirt that says Black means bold, compelling, adventurous, grateful, and loyal. That way you’ll constantly be reminded of your values while you climb the ladder of success. 

The world believes that Black men are absent from their homes. They believe that Black fathers are inactive family members and dodge their responsibilities. The stereotype of absent Black fathers is untrue (don’t believe me, check out The Dad Gang), as is the lie that Black men aren’t successful. However, they’ll keep believing this lie until more Black men make their success more visible and viable by passing along the information to the next generation. I know it’s hard because the Black-White wage gap is still ridiculously wide, but our community has risen above it before. I believe our successful Black men have the ability to rebuild Black Wall Street. Black women and children believe in you Black men, and we’re waiting on your next move.
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