Orange Spotlight: This Year’s Warmest Colour

Orange is a bold and underrated color. It stands out and turns heads. It also goes with everything.  Here is an insert from Karen Blanchard blog post, Orange Spotlight: This Year’s Warmest Colour:

"Mango sorbet is much more versatile than what meets the eye. You might have noticed that pastel tones are also slowly becoming popular again, and orange is actually the best colour to mix-and-match them with! Use the colour as a highlight with a bag (like this one from Stand Studio that gives me Bottega Veneta vibes), or go the step further into orange escapism with a dress. The fruitier and more mature looking sister to pink, orange will be a must for spring/summer looks! To get the most of of it, try combining orange hues with other trends such as ‘cut-out’ details and sports-core. The warm hue will really bring out another level of joyfulness and optimism to those pieces. Besides, if you’ve been bugging to try out more colour for the warmer weather, mango sorbet would be a safe way to start! "

Personally, I think our yellow shirts would look amazing with orange leggings or baggy pants. What do you think?

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I won’t lie, orange or yellow are not my favorite colors but I really enjoyed the bag an think that maybe adding a few accents here and there would be a great idea to get more open minded about using color and not just black and white :)


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