Los Angeles Vendor Opportunities

Los Angeles Vendor Opportunities

The idea behind Lex Pyerse Clothing is to have several ways to give customers what they want.  So I decided to sell clothing and merch at local vender events in the Los Angeles area.  There were a few ups and downs but I found three great places: LA Black Excellence Fair, Soulful of Noise, and Afropolitan Cities. 

Here's what I learned so far about these events:

Got To Be Outgoing: I'm not the most outgoing person, however, I have to step out my comfort zone and talk to people.  I find that giving people a free sticker made of the POWER word cluster is the best way to get people to talk and interact with me. I also give the kids FUTURE KING or FUTURE QUEEN stickers. These also allow me to tell people that I have a shirt that "looks just like it right here." These helped increase my sales.

Find Your Audience: Lex Pyerse Clothing is a niche brand. It's not for everyone. So I have to be very selective as to which events I go to. I like to go to events where the love of Black culture is strong and everyone is there to buy. 

Have Fun: I have to have fun at these places and events. I love Lex Pyerse Clothing. I don't want it to feel like a job. So going to places with live music, great food, and a great atmosphere makes these experiences stress-free and relaxed. It makes it so I can be myself, which is an important aspect of this brand, and allow me to increase sales and network.

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