Inspiration for the Black Nation

Inspiration for the Black Nation

Your life story is an inspiration to those who are coming from where you once were.

Everyone knows that children are the future, but it seems we allow them to fall into the same traps we fell into as young kids. We’ve spent so much time struggling our way to the top, we often forget that we need to go back to where we started and teach others how we’ve made it so far. Even if you feel like you haven’t made it to where you want to go, where you are is most likely someone’s dream. 

The awesome thing about being an inspiration to others is that even though you’re helping someone, you still receive benefits. It’s a great feeling to know that someone looks up to you or that your method to overcome struggles has positively impacted someone’s life. The Black community is definitely in need of some inspiration because of the ongoing tragedies that occur in our community. That’s why LEX PYERSE created the “Inspire” t-shirt. We want everyone to remember that they have a say in inspiring Black girls, Black boys, Black women, and Black men, the very words used to create my word-clustered shirt.

Inspiration is also about encouraging kids to dream. We were often told to make our dreams realistic, but some things require pioneers and innovators. It’s time to teach our children and some adults that it’s beneficial to reach for the stars and beyond the galaxy. If we taught problem-solving skills, it would allow kids to think freely, ultimately activating their genius abilities. Our neighborhoods could contain the next great inventor, scientist, politician, or doctor. 

INSPIRE BLACK BOY LEX PYERSEThe crazy thing is that when our bright-eyed children have their fires lit to take on “impossible” dreams, adults watch in amazement as ridiculous and seemingly out of reach goals become attainable. Inspiration comes full circle; as you inspire kids, adults are simultaneously inspired. When Black lives believe in themselves, the Black world is better unified and is unstoppable when it comes to solving our community’s problems.

When adults are inspired they have the confidence to take risks, the necessary risks needed to propel the Black community forward. They are motivated for an adventure into the unknown and can experience life’s full potential. Their boundaries become endless and their knowledge is deepened allowing them to inspire someone else. Your inspiration is necessary for the Black girl, boy, woman, and man to become the next generation that’s full of wisdom and action. So, remember all of the things you’ve had to endure just to make it to the next day, then offer your wisdom to a generation that’s fighting to thrive.




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