Hortizonal or Vertical?

Hortizonal or Vertical?

The purpose of Lex Pyerse Clothing is to express yourself and Blackness in any way you want. The two of the ways express yourself and your Blackness is to chose a vertical or horizontal design.

Vertical Is Very Versatile 

Vertical designs can give you the same bold statement as the horizontal designs. However, you can see these designs through an open jacket or zip up hoodie

King Black pride apparel


Horizontal For Bold Statements.

The great thing about our horizonal designs is that they crosses your entire chest and is bold in its presentation. 


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International Collection

Lex Pyerse has the best collection of tees, hats, and hoodies inspired by Nigeria, Mozambique, Ghana and other countries from the African diaspora. You can show your national pride while celebrating Pro-Black, Pan-African, and Black Pride and your personal uniqueness.  Each affirmation is inspired by the meanings of the colors of each nation's flag. Also, search Lex Pyerse for more clothing.