Have You Reminded Your Black King?

Have You Reminded Your Black King?

For many years Black men have endured hate, bias, unfair treatment, and have gained a negative stigma, even within the community that should support them. Black women and other Black men often berate them for their wrongdoings and failures. Their existence is belittled and has resulted in a lower sense of self-worth. Something that isn’t easily detected or shown in ways that other cultures express it. Even Black women display their lowered self-esteem differently. Who can see a Black man’s pain or hear his cry for help? It’s not about forcing them to open up, share their feelings, or be honest with us. This is about their worth. It’s time to build up our Black men, tell them they’re Kings. 

The word king is a title reserved for someone of royalty who has the right, usually due to birth, to rule over a specific territory. They are supposed to reign for their entire life, but often due to war and other violent disagreements, they are dethroned or killed. In those moments it seems that they’re unimportant, worthless, and powerless- words angry mothers, fathers, and racist people have called our Black men today. We must counteract what was done to them. We must stand up and tell them they’re worthy of our love and devotion. When we allow them to be assertive, bold, and protective it contributes to the healing of their psyche from their past traumas. 

"Any Black man that is not conveying his kingliness with action is just one who is disconnected to his biological truth." ~ Chaiku Hanson, contributor to HuffPost

Kings were meant to conquer and carry burdens that no other person could understand, but they’re still human. They still need love, a strong Black woman by their side, and a fighting chance. They need to be reminded that they come from a long line of royalty. Sometimes they need an empathetic heart and ear to understand them and decode their feelings. They are looking for someone to love them through their pain, share the joy that life brings, and support them in their pursuit of their dreams. We can easily start with this KING T-shirt (coming soon) from Lex Pyerse Clothing. A t-shirt may not seem like much, but it’s a start especially when it confirms that they’re worthy, assertive, protective, bold, and empathetic. These are the words used to design the word-clustered King t-shirt. If you haven’t found the voice to say, buy it instead.

Honor brings revitalization to the one who was honored. It restores and replenishes things that were lost. We have to replenish our Black Kings; help them remember their true status, power, and authority. I don’t think we say it enough. If we do, then I definitely know that we don’t say it loud enough. Our Black men are vital to our community, our families, our neighborhoods, and our existence. Yes, even the ones who have messed up, can’t seem to get it right, or are deliberately defiant. Every Black man deserves to be reminded that they’re still kings.   

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