Calm, Collected, and Centered

Calm, Collected, and Centered

Have you ever just wanted peace? There may be chaos at your home or job, but it doesn’t have to throw you off your square. We spend so much time trying to buy things that’ll supposedly make us happy, but why not invest in the things that give us inner peace? When your world is upside down, having an inner peace will keep you centered. Part of reaching maturity is being able to be grounded, peaceful, and centered. 

Our ancestors had a hard life, but their perseverance has built us up to be able to be grounded in every step of our lives. Every hardship that beat them down has empowered us with their essence to be psychologically present during trouble, yet emotionally still. This means that we don’t have to resort to negative behavior when we’re confronted with stressful situations. We have the ability to be calm, collected, and centered. 

Unfortunately, everyone hasn’t achieved this talent. Stress evokes a natural response to run or fight back, but once we awake our ancestral DNA that allows us to think on our feet, we will see a difference in our personality. Being centered means that you have a reference point or a place to come back to when life’s challenges and emotions push you off balance, according to Psychology Today. This is why when we are centered our personal characteristics or our essence is changed. We draw from what our ancestors went through and focus on how they would solve a problem. This tethers or grounds us to our reference point, which is our ancestor’s wisdom. With their wisdom as our ultimate resource, we can achieve clarity in our present day struggles and be still knowing all will be well. 

For those that haven’t achieved the ability to be centered, get a reminder like this Lex Pyerse word-clustered t-shirt. It’s a great way to re-anchor or ground yourself when things are going array. It’s made up of the words, essence, grounded, ancestors, present, and still. For those that have already mastered this concept, buy one for someone who needs help. The world is much better when we all have a place of reference for achieving a calm, collected, and centered lifestyle. 

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