Black Feminity

The simple truth is that the world misunderstands Blackness. It’s a known fact that new and unfamiliar things make people scared. When someone wants to validate their fears, they nit pick at the details to justify their ludacris behavior or over exaggerate their feelings to extract sympathy and pity. This is what happened to the Black woman.

She is feared because she didn’t fit the cookie cutter version of a wife. She wasn’t overly submissive, easily compliant, or quick to let things go. She wasn’t a damsel in distress, she was a warrior that knew how to navigate the land whenever her husband wasn’t around. She was and still is capable of holding down her loved ones in any situation. She can make ends meet and still have some to save for a rainy day. She wasn’t dependent on a man, but she desired him. She is the perfect compliment to a Black man, the perfect companion to his greatness. 

Her Black man can trust her with his life and his kingdom. He knows that she would never back down, she’d fight to the end. She is fierce when it comes to protecting the kingdom she helped build. She is bold and adventurous, a calculated risk taker. She is a master of persuasion, intelligently compelling, yet grateful for her gifts and talents. When she knows that she has found the right man, the right things, or the right anything, she is loyal beyond measure. All things that other races couldn’t and still can’t comprehend. 

This is why the Black word-clustered Lex Pyerse Clothing t-shirt is vital to own. Black females are made up of the very words this t-shirt describes; we’re bold, compelling, adventurous, grateful, and loyal. The world wasn’t used to that and they made up and believed their own lies about us. They expected us to keep quiet, be barefoot and pregnant, and to be slaves to men. However, they misjudged Black men too, and it seems they haven’t had a desire to learn who we really are. That’s their mistake because one day, they’re going to need the help our bold and compelling nature offers.

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