Black Emotional Coping aka IDGAF

Black Emotional Coping aka IDGAF

Everyone, from time to time has felt invalidated, deceived, manipulated, and has regretted every moment of that situation. Unfortunately, Blacks have had these instances occur more frequently than we’d like to admit. From overbearing managers, to cheating boyfriends/girlfriends, to unwelcome, racist remarks, Blacks have encountered a plethora of emotional triggers. Yet when we seemingly react in a negative fashion, we are immediately dehumanized and viewed as monsters. Our Black educated officials have warned us about these triggers, some have even suggested we ignore them and go on about our way. This took some time, but we’ve now made it a new trend. It’s called IDGAF and you can now wear it on my new t-shirt. 

IDGAF is an acronym used by anyone who wants to resist emotional manipulation. Some call it a super power, and others call it disrespectful, but at the end of the day, if you want to protect your emotional stability, then this is pure gold. For generations, people have been using emotions as a weapon to force people to do things they don’t really want to do. We’ve fallen for their tactics  way too long. When we have awakened from that fantasy, we wake up indifferent, unapologetic, and solely thinking of ourselves. This is how we can spot you and your fakeness from a mile away. We’ve been there and done that, now it’s time to focus on our mental health, a topic that isn’t frequently talked about in the Black community, but very much important to each one of us. 

This word-clustered t-shirt is full of words that represent why you and IDGAF. We no longer fall for drama related hearsay, despite that making us look like we’re disagreeable or passive. We unemotionally judge things on credible sources. We’re unbothered as we block out negativity, especially when it’s an unjustified attack on our character. We’re aware of our capacity to effectively operate day to day. Our stern ‘no’ may seem detached and insensitive, but when we say we can’t do it today, it’s a calculated answer. We’re unapologetic because we’re honest about our emotions and have given a reasonable amount of communication.

The Black community has mastered the ability to frequently say IDGAF. People may think it’s cold and rude, but it’s our self coping, defense mechanism used against evil manipulators and the world needs to understand. For now, we’ll abruptly let you know as we keep wearing it on our shirts.

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