All Black Lives Matter

The world, for some reason, believes that Black LGBTQ+ lives are separate from the rest of Black people and it’s not true. The LGBTQ community follows the Black Lives Matter movement closely, and while some don’t believe they should, the truth is that there are Black LGBTQ+ within that community. When we say Black lives, we have to mean all Black lives, no matter how they live or love. This is a time for us to be united and not divided.  

For years LGBTQ+ people have had to fight for what they believe in and for who they love. Some battles they’ve won and some they continue to fight. However, one battle that Black LGBTQ+ people shouldn’t have to fight is whether or not they deserve to be part of the Black Lives Matter movement. They fight discrimination on another level, experiencing more violence and harassment than heterosexual Blacks. They’re also more economically disadvantaged, face more religious persecution, and deal with more police brutality. When a landlord, religious official, or police officer finds out they’re LGBTQ+, they are subjected to unfair treatment. It takes a really strong person to deal with these injustices, and we know Black people are that and more. 

Black people have already had to be better with everything in life just to make others feel like they’re on the same playing field as them, but Black LGBTQ+ people have had to be and do greater things! In order to joyfully live their lives, they have to be bold, which can often mean that their style becomes a compelling fashion statement. They have a flair that’s like none other and when people want to party, who do they call? It’s because they’re adventurous party goers. They want to enjoy life and have fun, and they don’t mind who is staring. They’re loyal to their friends and most certainly to their community. They come out in droves when it’s pride month or a pride parade to show that they’re grateful to their community and the people that support them. They wear colorful outfits when they represent their community, but this Lex Pyerse Clothing t-shirt would be a great addition to their wardrobe as well. It’s a Pan African colored, word clustered t-shirt. It’s designed with the words bold, compelling, adventurous, grateful, and loyal clustered into one word, Black. A great way to describe all Black people, straight, queer, bisexual, transgender, etc.

The Black LGBTQ+ community fights hard to be seen as human beings, the same thing heterosexual Black people are doing. We all just want to be seen and treated as human beings. We all want fair and equal treatment. So when we say Black Lives Matter, we must mean all Black LIVES. Whether you’re gay, lesbian, queer, transexual, or bisexual, if you’re Black, your life matters too.

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