3 statement colours you need in your closet this season

3 statement colours you need in your closet this season

I read a great article from Karen Blanchard of the Where Did U Get That blog as she talked about three colors you need in your closet this season. We normally promote our black shirts because it highlights all the wording inside the cluster. However, let take this time to show some love to the other colors in the catalogue and see how they pair with other trends. 


"From saturated hues to pale shades, yellow might as well be the star of the show for spring-summer 2022. Jason Wu proved dressing like the sun is quite possible with the right yellow gown. This colour perfectly embodies the idea of a sunny disposition and guess what, it really works with kelly green (another punchy colour I’m very into right now)."

We suggest looking our yellow HEALTH shirt and pairing it with a spruce LOVE hat. Or even try our yellow HAITI shirt with a white HAITI AYITI NATIONAL FLAG INSPIRED Snapback Hat.



"It’s rich and it’s bold! Green is unlike any other colour, and you’d be surprised how good it goes with literally ANYTHING. Put on a casual neutral outfit and add a green mini bag – instantly elevates the look. It’s actually pretty unbelievable, but try it and let me know your thoughts."
Green is very important color here at Lex Pyerse Clothing.  We dont have mini bags yet, however you might like this forest green NEXT word cluster shirt that can be paired with ahy red, yellow or black pants.


"Purple. A powerful presence and definitely one of my favourite statement colours. We spoke about Veri Peri before (Pantone’s colour of the year), but here I’m exploring actual purple, nothing subdued. Chances are you’ve already noticed that purple has been having a moment in its own right. Purples have always had a place at the table for me, because they have the ability to add an easy pop of fun and creativity to a look. Besides, the array of purples mean you have the choice of a softer plum or a vivid amethyst – and it can be as easy as an accessory or eye shadow. "
While we don't have purple, we think any of our shirts can work will with purple. try matching our pink hoodie with a purple bottoms and a purple hat. Or pair it with a nice purple bag.
What do you think of these types of colors? Or would you just stick to black? Let us know in the comments below.
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Most of my wardrobe is black and are definitely great for staple pieces but I would love to expand my color palette, although I don’t feel as confident in colors :) thank you for sharing color ideas!


Black is a classic and will never go out of style, but I really like the Yellow. I think it really pops and is a great contrast to darker colors, which I have a ton of.

Jason Gregory

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