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Top 3 Products That Celebrate Blackness and Uniqueness

It's a challenge finding stylish, comfort athleisure clothing that is pro-Black with positive affirmations. Lex Pyerse Clothing seems to found that solution.  Below are the top three amazing fits for positive Black people. These clothes are eye catching and will generate a conversation from everyone who see it. Most importantly, these clothes and hats are very comfortable. If you are seen wearing all three, your expression and statement will be clear.

BLACK Word Cluster T-Shirt
The shirt that started Lex Pyerse Clothing. This shirt is made with Bella+Canva and is 100% cotton. The word cluster contains the affirmations grateful, adventurous, loyal, bold, and compelling. It's shirt that can be wore on a casual date or a hard day at work. Click the picture to get yours NOW.

BLACK Word Cluster Hoodie
Is it chilly outside? The BLACK word cluster hoodie has the same affirmation as the t-shirt above: grateful, adventurous, loyal, compelling, bold, but in a warm hoodie. This hoodie is perfect dates, causal parties, or Causal Fridays. Click the picture to get yours NOW.

BLACK athleisure hoodie

 BLACK Snapback Hat

This is Lex Pyerse's best selling item. The best way to top off your look. Though this hat doesn't have the word cluster or the affirmations, the hat stands out as a powerful addition to your wardrobe and adds to your statement. Click the picture to get yours NOW.

BLACK athleisure snapback hat
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