1975: Celebrating Mozambique's Independence

1975: Celebrating Mozambique's Independence

Many African countries, including Mozambique, became independent in the decades following World War II. These relatively recent conflicts have created a significant number of young countries, many of which recently ended hundreds of years of European rule, that continue to grow and build new identities under new political systems. Throughout its 45 years as an independent nation, Mozambique natives have established pride in their history that deserves to be celebrated. 

Mozambique's Early Ties to Portugal 

Like many countries, Mozambique was considered to be a European colony throughout much of its history. The southeastern African nation spent approximately 400 years under the rule of Portugal and traded closely with the European country until many Mozambicans became increasingly frustrated with Portugal's poor treatment of their people. Being ruled from a small country that was thousands of miles away and denied Mozambicans many of the privileges the people who resided in Portugal had sparked a decade of armed conflict between the two regions in the mid-20th century that ended in Mozambique declaring independence from Portugal and forming its own government.   

Portugal's Actions Spark Mozambican War of Independence

Portugal's poor treatment of indigenous Mozambicans following World War II was the catalyst for Mozambique's decision to pursue independence. Mozambicans struggled with a significant lack of opportunities for education and employment during the 1950s, and Portugal's physical distance from the region made it easy for the government to ignore Mozambique's needs.

Mozambique, as well as several other African countries, began fighting for the ability to govern itself as the world began to rebuild after WWII. Experiencing the impact that close ties to distant parts of the world had on their way of life during the war led many Mozambicans to seek a new way of life that was a better fit for their needs. Mozambique, led by a liberation-focused group called FRELIMO, fought Portugal from 1964-1974. Although victory appeared to be Portugal's during the early years of the war, the decade-long conflict brought Mozambique into a new era. The war ended on September 8, 1974, and the country was officially recognized as independent on June 25, 1975.   

Mozambique Joins Commonwealth in 1995

Twenty years after winning its independence, Mozambique officially became a member of the Commonwealth. Although the country was born from connections to Europe, it was the first of the Commonwealth's 53 members that had not been part of the British Empire. Mozambique's acceptance into the Commonwealth, which took place in New Zealand, brought the young country into a large alliance that offered many advantages while allowing it to continue functioning as an independent nation. 

Mozambique Today

Mozambique was known as the People's Republic of Mozambique between 1975 and 1990, and its current official name is the Republic of Mozambique. Although Mozambique's economy continues to struggle, it has experienced slow, but consistent, growth since its move to a multiparty political system in the early 1990s. Agriculture, transportation, and tourism are among Mozambique's main economic successes, and certain industries have begun to surpass those in Portugal, which has begun to encourage those who had moved from Mozambique to Portugal in the past to consider returning to Mozambique.    

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Mozambique, like many African countries, has seen significant changes during the last fifty years. It has risen from a long history as a colony of Portugal to become a fledgling nation of its own, and it continues to persevere and grow stronger through these challenges.         

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